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About Karen
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In Harrisburg, Karen continues to work with like-minded legislators to solve some of the toughest
challenges our state faces. She strongly supports Senate Bill 76, and is the longest running local legislator
to be a proponent of eliminating school property taxes. She is unwavering in her opposition to the rain
tax. She is quoted as saying, “Although it is a federal mandate, those of us in elected state office need to
shine a light on its ramifications and continue to fight to stop these unfair and costly mandates.”

Karen understands that representing the needs of the 117th District in Harrisburg is an important part of
her job, but also knows that serving local residents here at home is a top priority.  “I have always
worked to provide my constituents with the very best community outreach services possible. Based on
the needs of the district, I have developed an annual Senior Information Expo; Antifraud and Theft
Prevention Seminars, and Concealed Carry Seminars. Among other concerns are issues dealing with
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.”

Rep. Boback also provides office hours for veterans’ affairs; small business development consultations
with a professional; issues dealing with independent living, as well as providing satellite hours
throughout her district. She developed a leadership program for local school districts, and co-founded
the Luzerne-Wyoming Counties Elder Abuse Task Force. “I always strive to accommodate the needs of
my constituents. My goal has been to make my office a resource center in our community, and to make
my district the best place to live, work, play, raise a family and retire.”

A priority that has been near and dear to Karen’s heart is her hard work to advance opportunities for
women and girls across our Commonwealth. She was recently honored by the Governor with a second
term on the Pennsylvania Commission for Women. “This appointment has truly been a highlight of my

Dr. Boback is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she earned a PhD. “My Doctorate in
Organizational Leadership has been a great asset in writing legislation and building consensus. But, more
important than any book knowledge, is the conviction instilled in me by my parents. Honesty, integrity
and courage are the qualities I bring to the table along with an unwavering commitment to those I serve.”

She is very active in her church and community. Karen has been married to her husband Buz for 45
years. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Reverend Charles Gommer, Dallas, PA, is Campaign Chairman of Friends of Karen Boback. For those
who want to join the Friends of Karen Boback team call 570-639-2265.