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“Buz and I have always been very active in our community. We instilled this in our
children who are also active participants in school and civic organizations. They were
taught that a community is only as good as the involvement of its citizenry. As a
result, the four of us are always involved in something community oriented!”
“It is so very important to raise greater awareness about elder abuse and fraudulent
, and sharing these stories at places like area senior centers is a great way to let
people know about the various schemes going on in our communities.”
“Agriculture is our No. 1 industry here in Pennsylvania and it is vital for us to continue
supporting and promoting our farming community across the state.”
“I am hopeful that this legislation (House Bill 76) is the first step in a long process to
address our state’s property tax structure.”
“The brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who gave their lives
for our country
deserve the utmost recognition for their ultimate sacrifice. It is my
hope that House Resolution 287 will encourage citizens, businesses, schools,
organizations and the media to take the time to recognize and remember the sacrifice of
all our fallen heroes.”
"While I strongly support these pieces of anti-bullying legislation that have been
introduced in the state House, I feel the problem has escalated beyond rules and
regulations. You can’t regulate manners, respect, and courtesy, they needed to be taught
and emulated. It’s time to specifically shine the light on the problem and involve those
groups and agencies that profess
to protect our children in one consorted effort."
Karen Boback
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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"I have spent much of my professional life as a public school teacher and college
professor, and I have met many families who are concerned about the future of
their children. I can't think of anything more rewarding to do than to be a legislator
in order to help write laws to preserve the values we have instilled in the children of
the 21st century."
"As we continue to monitor the development of our natural resources, we
need to further
refine our protective measures to help safeguard our
residents and natural environment."